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Why You Should Take Advantage of Professional Teeth Whitening Part 2

When you want a brighter, more vibrant smile, your best option is to turn to a dentist for professional teeth whitening.

Most people opt for DIY teeth whitening because it’s cheap and they can do it at home. However, this isn’t necessarily the best option for your teeth (or your pocketbook), and there are actually many benefits to getting your teeth professionally whitened. Check out our last blog to learn about the benefits of professional teeth whitening that we’ve already covered, and keep reading to learn more:

#3. Faster Results

With most DIY teeth whitening kits, you won’t see any noticeable results for days and possibly even weeks or months. Our dentist in Texarkana utilizes the Zoom Whitening procedure. This procedure only takes about an hour, and in that short time, it can produce results that are up to 10 shades brighter than what you would get with a DIY kit.

#4. Comfort

Many of our patients have experienced pain, sensitivity or discomfort after completing a DIY teeth whitening treatment. This can happen when the hydrogen ions in the whitening product come into contact with your gums or lips, or when the produce penetrates into the surface of the tooth. Our dentist will take all necessary precautions to ensure that you’re comfortable while getting your teeth whitened.

#5. Better Results

If you want the best results, you need the best treatment, and the only way to get it is to turn to a professional! The bottom line is that you just won’t get the same results if you choose an inferior whitening treatment.

Are you ready to start experiencing these incredible benefits for yourself? If so, schedule your appointment today!