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Top Teeth-Staining Foods

Dark colored drinks aren’t the only things that can stain your teeth. 

When most people think about what can stain their teeth, they think of red wine and coffee, and while these things can certainly lead to stains, there are also many foods that can stain your teeth as well. If you have recently had Zoom Whitening in Texarkana, you need to know which foods and drinks can stain your teeth. Check out our last blog to learn about teeth staining drinks, and keep reading to learn about the top teeth-staining foods:

#1. Berries

Berries are known for the high level of antioxidants they contain, but you should also know that their dark hue can lead to discoloration of your teeth. When you eat berries, don’t let them sit on your teeth for a prolonged period of time to reduce staining.

#2. Balsamic Vinegar

While balsamic vinegar may be a healthy salad dressing alternative, it can also stain your teeth. Balsamic vinegar can be especially concerning because it sticks to the teeth. Luckily, munching on crunchy lettuce can help to scrape the vinegar off of your teeth.

#3. Curry

Curry is a deeply pigmented spice that is commonly found in Indian food. Eating curry on a regular basis can lead to discoloration, so it’s best to minimize your teeth’s exposure to curry. If you eat a curry dish, follow up with fruits or veggies that help to clean the teeth, like an apple, celery or carrots.

Although we’ve gone over several foods and drinks that can stain your teeth, there are many more out there. Fight your stains with Zoom Whitening in Texarkana today!