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Top Teeth-Staining Drinks

Don’t let your drink choices leave you with discolored teeth!

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a white, beautiful smile; in fact, that is what we all want! You can brush and floss religiously, but if you drink the wrong things, you could still end up with discolored teeth. The best way to avoid discoloration is to know which drinks to avoid. The following is a list from our dentist in Texarkana of the top teeth-staining drinks:

#1. Coffee

While coffee is great for your morning pick-me-up, it’s not such a great thing for your teeth. As far as teeth staining is concerned, coffee is one of the worst drinks for your teeth. You can lighten up the color a bit by adding a little milk to your coffee.

#2. Black Tea

Tea is beneficial in so many ways, but it’s not always so good for your teeth. Like coffee, tea’s dark color makes it all too easy for you to end up with stains on your tea. You can add a bit of milk to lighten up the color.

#3. Red Wine

Studies have shown that red wine may actually reduce inflammation and help to prevent periodontal disease, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t stain your teeth! If you are worried about staining, opt for white wine instead, or drink your red wine through a straw.

#4. Dark Soda

Dark soda not only contain lots of sugar that eats away at the teeth, but drinking dark sodas can also lead to stains! Even diet sodas can stain teeth!

Now that you know which drinks are harmful to your white smile, it’s time to learn about which foods can stain your teeth. Stay tuned for our next blog!