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The Worst Foods for Your Teeth


If you want a smile that is healthy and beautiful, you need to know which foods to avoid.

No matter what you are wearing or what kind of haircut you have, nothing is more attractive than a beautiful smile. At Andrew S. Curry, D.D.S., our dentist in Texarkana has helped many people achieve the smiles of their dreams through cosmetic dentistry. However, if you don’t take proper care of your teeth, cosmetic dentistry will only take you so far. One of the most often overlooked parts of caring for your teeth is eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods. That’s why our dentist has come up with this list of the worst foods for your teeth:

#1. Soda (Regular or Diet)

You may think that you are doing your teeth a favor by choosing diet soda over regular soda, but your best bet is to avoid soda altogether. While regular soda has more than your daily allowance of sugar, both diet and regular soda contain an acid that will weaken your tooth enamel.

#2. Hard Candy

Sugar is one of the worst things for your teeth, and although both hard and soft candies contain their fair share of sugar, hard candies leave your teeth exposed to sugar for longer. Chewing these kinds of candies can also crack or break your teeth, sealants or fillings.

#3. Ice

Chewing ice may seem innocent enough since it contains no sugars or additives, but it is hard enough to do some real damage to your enamel.

These are just a few of the worst offenders as far as tooth damage is concerned. Learn more when you stay tuned for our next blog.