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The Worst Foods for Your Teeth Part 2


There are many foods out there that can damage your teeth.

Your smile says a lot about you to the world, and if you want to make a great first impression, you need to do your part to care for your smile. Although many aesthetic dental issues can be corrected through zoom whitening and other cosmetic dental procedures, you need to properly care for your teeth if you want the changes to last. A big part of caring for your teeth is knowing which foods to avoid. Check out our Texarkana dentist’s latest blog to learn about a few of the worst foods for your teeth, and keep reading to learn more:

#4. Dried Fruit

Most of us think of dried fruit as a healthy snack, but it isn’t so healthy for your teeth. Fruit contains a lot of natural sugars, and when you remove all of the water in fruit, it leaves a concentration of sugar behind. This sugar is very sticky, which makes it all too easy to cling to your teeth and trap nasty bacteria.

#5. Starchy Foods

The starch in some foods, such as pasta and white bread, is converted to sugar when your saliva starts to break it down. This sugar is in the form of a paste that is soft and sweet, which can get stuck in between your teeth all too easily, leading to the growth of bacteria that causes cavities.

#6. Alcohol

Not only do alcoholic beverages typically come with a lot of sugar, excessive alcohol use can also lead to a reduction in saliva. Saliva helps to clear sugar, food particles and bacteria from your teeth and mouth, and dry mouth can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and a long list of oral infections.

Do you have any questions or concerns about the worst foods for your teeth? If so, contact us! We are happy to help.