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The Worst Food and Drinks to Indulge In This Holiday


Protect Your Teeth From These Items!

We care about your teeth, which is why we want to protect you from making bad decisions when it comes to your teeth this holiday season. During the holidays, your eating and drinking habits can be a little chaotic, as temptations can be everywhere. In this blog, we will be discussing some of the worst food and drinks you can indulge in this holiday season. Hopefully, by reading this blog, you will think twice about what you are indulging in and consider the health of your teeth.


Resist your sugar cravings! Yes, we are well aware of all the delicious treats everyone has cooked up this holiday season, however, you should try to resist overindulging. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge a little, but if you do, be sure to brush your teeth afterwards. Items, like caramel, can get wedged in between your teeth when chewing so it is best to thoroughly brush and floss after eating sticky candy items.
Another candy you should probably stay clear of are candy canes. These festive holiday candies are notorious for being rough on your teeth. For one, they are loaded with destructive sugars. Though you cannot see without a microscope, when you eat candy, the sugar and the natural bacteria in your mouth mix together. When they do this, the mixture becomes a type of destructive acid. This dental acid corrodes and decays your teeth over time. Because of this, it is important to brush your teeth if you do eat one of these candies.
Candy canes are also destructive in other ways too! For instance, if you bite into a candy cane, you run the risk of cracking your tooth. If your tooth cracks it not only can be expensive to fix, but it can be painful. When you crack your tooth, you could accidentally expose the inside tissue and nerve of your tooth.
To ensure that your teeth are well protected, it is wise to avoid hand candies and even soft caramels this holiday season.


The holidays are synonymous with liquor. Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages, especially during any meal or celebration. With this being said, wine is also terrible for your teeth and worse for your waistline. If you would like to protect your teeth from a sugar overload, perhaps you should stay away from wine. Wines are particularly sugary, especially genres like Moscatos and white wines. This holiday season, instead of opting for a glass of vino, perhaps choosing a far less sugary beverage would be better.
And, if the sugar damage is not enough to steer your hand away from picking up the bottle, wine can also stain your teeth over time. Genres, such as red wine, are especially notorious for staining your teeth a purple-like color. Save your teeth and avoid drinking wine this holiday.

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