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Laser Dentistry by Dr. Andrew Curry

Laser dentistry is an innovative way to perform dental procedures without the use of drills or scalpels. Unlike dental procedures involving scalpels, laser dentistry causes less bleeding and does not leave an open wound. Because of this, you are less likely to need sutures and less likely to get an infection as well. You will typically experience an easier dental procedure and a shorter recovery time with laser dentistry. 

This type of service can be used to treat gum disease, remove gum inflammation, reshape the gums,  perform biopsies, treat root canal infections, treat cavities, whiten teeth, and more. Laser dentistry is useful for both cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry services. 

As Texarkana’s Top Rated Local® dentist, Dr. Andrew Curry’s experience and know-how will improve the health and beauty of your smile. Contact us today for your next dental appointment!