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Make A Good First Impression

Interviewing for a job can be stressful, especially when you want a change from your current or prior employment. Because you want the job so badly, you can over-excite yourself and become very nervous. You will want to make a good first impression so that you can stick out from other applicants. In this blog, we will discuss some of the things you can do to your appearance to strike a good first impression with potential employers.

Formal Attire

No matter who you are, or what field you are in, employers want to see that you put effort into your appearance. Arriving at an interview with a disheveled outfit and messy hair isn’t going to impress anyone — least of all your potential boss. One of the best ways to start your interview off right is by wearing a collared shirt that is tucked in. Collared shirts are professional looking, and when they are tucked in, they tend to signify being formal and well-prepared. Even if your normal wardrobe is a long t-shirt and jeans, wearing an elegant outfit to your interview is essential to landing a great interview. Also, “dressing for success” is a real thing — if you dress formal and prepared, your attitude will reflect that as well.
If you are a woman and are looking for the right interview attire, you cannot go wrong with a pencil skirt, a blouse, heels, and a blazer. This attire is formal, elegant, and feminine. Best of all, because you will be wearing professional attire, you will be able to behave and address your potential employer formally and respectfully.

Brush and Wash Your Hair

No one wants to work with a smelly person. If you do not wash your hair regularly, you probably will have some trouble finding a job. Employers are looking for people who are charismatic, responsible, and capable of doing the task at hand. If you can’t be responsible enough to wash and brush your hair regularly, how can they expect you to do your job properly? So, before attending any of your interviews, wash and brush your hair thoroughly. Also, styling your hair isn’t a bad idea either. Showing that you put extra effort into your ensemble is important to show your employers that you are conscious of appearance and presentation.

Wear Appropriate Shoes

For both men and women, wearing the appropriate shoes at an interview is very important. If you wear too big or too small of shoes, you will walk and feel uncomfortable. Though you may think that your shoes won’t affect your attitude in the interview — it will. Make sure that whatever you wear to the interview fits you and is just the right size.
You should always wear close-toed shoes at an interview. It is never appropriate to wear sandals, tennis shoes, or even flip-flops. All of these types of shoes are way too casual to wear to an interview. For men, you should wear closed-toed, dress shoes. And, if you wear brown shoes with your suit, you should always pair them with a matching brown belt at your waist.
For women, dress in attire that is comfortable. If you wear high-heels, make sure you can walk in them. When you walk like a baby deer in your interview you will look foolish and inexperienced. If you cannot wear heels, wearing a dressy pair of flats is always acceptable.

Teeth Whitening

Employers want charismatic people on their team. A smile is the best way to show how fun and enthusiastic you are. Professional teeth whitening is the easiest way to make your teeth look vibrant and clean. If you want to land an interview having a gorgeous smile is just one of the stepping stones to success. Contact Texarkana Dentist today to book an appointment.