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Geriatric Dental Care

There’s a lot of things to worry about as you get older, and your teeth are no exception! All those years of eating ice, Halloween candy, and opening packages with your teeth (pro tip: don’t do that) are bound to catch up with you.

All this means is that you might need some more specialized treatments and procedures on your teeth as you get older. While most dentistry in your adulthood is often cosmetic procedures or common dental work such as filling cavities.

However, as the body grows older, and your teeth wear down over time, the procedures become more complicated. Here at Texarkana Dentist, we want to help by providing the most comfortable and highest quality care for all of our patients. Common problems our geriatric patients often face are:

  • Gum diseases
  • Tooth decay
  • Dental replacements
  • Need for dentures

As people get older there are many changes inside the mouth that cause several issues when unchecked. Saliva production and consistency changes, causing dry mouth, which leads to tongue fissures and caries, among other things. Your teeth will become more sensitive as your enamel wears down and elderly patients can develop root caries from a lack of cementum being produced. Other problems that should be immediately addressed and care for are periodontal (gum) diseases because older people are more susceptible to bacteria infiltrating the mouth. Lastly, a change most people don’t think about is a difference in the oral mucous membrane. It becomes thinner and less elastic, making oral cancer and oral thrush common dangers.

We know all this sounds terrifying, but the reality of the situation is that with proper dental care, elderly patients are able to avoid these issues and stay healthy. We are sure to provide gentle but thorough dental care for our patients who are more advanced in age, so that their teeth reflect how fresh and youthful our patients feel on the inside. Contact us to schedule an appointment.