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Everyday Habits That Discolor Teeth


Tooth discoloration goes beyond what you eat and drink. 

It’s common knowledge that many foods and drinks can stain the teeth, but did you know that there are many everyday habits that can also lead to tooth discoloration? Not all habits are bad. In fact, there are many everyday habits that can help to whiten your teeth, and our dentist in Texarkana went over several of them in our last blog series. Today, we will be focusing on the everyday habits that discolor your smile, including:

#1. Smoking 

Not only does smoking cigarettes put you at a higher risk for lung cancer, it can also leave you with a discolored smile. Cigarettes contain tar, which can accumulate on your teeth and make them appear yellow. If you quit smoking, you’ll be improving both your health and your smile!

#2. Chewing Tobacco

Many people think that smokeless tobacco is a better, safer option than cigarettes, but that isn’t the case. Chewing tobacco may not come with the risk of lung cancer, but it can increase your risk for oral cancer. Plus, if you chew for too long. you’ll get halitosis and stained teeth!

#3. Nail Biting

Believe it or not, biting your nails can actually lead to tooth staining! That is because chewing your nails can create small cracks in the enamel of your teeth. Those cracks can collect stains, making it look like you have dark lines on your teeth.

These are just a few everyday bad habits that can discolor your teeth. To learn more, please stay tuned for our next blog.