1. Everyday Habits That Discolor Teeth Part 2

    There are many everyday habits that discolor your teeth.  No one wants to have a yellow smile, and that's one of the reasons why Zoom Whitening in Texarkana has become so popular! But regardless of whether you pay a professional to whiten your teeth or not, you don't want your everyday habits to di…Read More

  2. Everyday Habits for a Whiter Smile Part 2

    Would you like to enjoy a beautiful, white smile?  If so, you've come to the right place. Our experienced dentist offers zoom whitening in Texarkana, but if you want to ensure that your teeth stay white for as long as possible, you need to know about the everyday habits that can help! If you haven'…Read More

  3. Top Teeth-Staining Foods

    Dark colored drinks aren't the only things that can stain your teeth.  When most people think about what can stain their teeth, they think of red wine and coffee, and while these things can certainly lead to stains, there are also many foods that can stain your teeth as well. If you have recently h…Read More

  4. Common Teeth Whitening Myths Debunked Part 2

    Stop believing the myths about teeth whitening! If you've had a chance to read our latest blog, then you already know that there are many myths out there about teeth whitening. We all would love to have whiter teeth, but unfortunately, believing the myths about teeth whitening won't help you get the…Read More

  5. The Benefits of a Beautiful Smile

    We specialize in getting you the beautiful smile you've always wanted.  At Andrew S. Curry, D.D.S., we know how important your smile is, and that's why we offer a variety of services in Texarkana, including zoom whitening, to help you gain the smile you've always wanted. Having a great smile will g…Read More